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What is an E-Visa? Please explain

An E-Visa is an electronic document that is official and linked to your passport. In many countries, the E-Visa has replaced old types of Visa Travel Documents. The main reason for creating E-Visas and the systems around them is to make the process for both the applications and the governments more efficient. When you cross a border in a country that has implemented an E-Visa system, where border patrol requires you to show your passport and other travel related documents, they may also ask you to show your E-Visa. It is, therefore, wise to either make a print of it or make it available on an electronic device. It is still the nation’s border official that will make the final call if you can enter the country or not (also the length of stay in some cases).

What kind of information do I need to submit to apply for an E-Visa?

Countries offering E-Visas have different requirements. Here is the information you may have to provide: Basic personal information, passport (be aware of the 6-month mark) and other travel documents, and in some cases travel dates. Since E-Visas also have online checkouts, you will need your credit card information to make payment.

Why is an E-Visa the option?

E-Visas are convenient because you can obtain it online. You decide time and place, and the only thing you need is an internet connection. It also frees up time for government officials to do other tasks than sifting through Visa applications and saves paperwork in general.

Do the people accompanying me need a separate E-Visa?

Yes. All travellers need a separate E-Visa. This includes children and infants.

When should I apply for an E-Visa?

You should apply at least 72 hours before departure. The earlier, the better!

If my E-Visa is denied, can I still apply for a regular tourist visa?

Yes. Check with the embassy of the country you are visiting how to proceed. Normally, the information needed is the same but in a different format.

How long do I have to wait for the result of my E-Visa application?

E-Visa processing time varies between countries. Normally, it can happen on the same day, or within 72 hours.

Are E-Visas free or do they cost anything?

The cost of E-Visas vary between countries and are not free. The services we provide is not free and always include the government fees as part of our total cost of processing.

What is CVV / CVC / CVC2 numbers?

This is the number that you will find on your credit card. Normally it is positioned on the strip where your signature is. This number is not longer than four digits.

Is it safe to make payments on this website?

Security is our priority, and our site uses 256-bit SSL encryption. We also follow the security standards put out by major banks. We advise paying customers to make sure that they are using a secure internet connection and that the computer used for the application is free of any type of virus. We also advise customers to use a bank/credit card provider that is well-known and secure.